Personalizing cars is a big trend today and the most personalized part of each vehicle are the wheels. There is a variety of options for car owners to choose from and it all depends on two things: aesthetics and material choice.


However, when you come to think of it, is it always the sense of beauty that is of paramount importance? It is important to understand that the wheel is an essential part of the car and the materials used to build it could necessarily change how a car runs.

Thus, in order for you to know the impacts of different materials, here are some pointers to ponder in choosing the best material for the wheels of your car.

1. Alloy vs Steel

As far as materials are concerned, there are two most common elements a car wheel is made out of. Alloy, for one, is a material used for building wheels that are made out of combining nickel with magnesium, although there are times that aluminum is used. The second one is steel and there are tons of viable options to choose from like carbon fiber which is typically used for high-end and expensive cars.

Alloys are normally easier to handle and are lighter, thus, when you are a driver who wants to maximize your car’s speed, breaks and other parameters, this could be the best choice. The downside however is that because the material is relatively lighter, it is highly prone to damage and breakage.

Steels, however, are the popular choice among many car manufacturers since it is relatively cheaper and easier to maintain and fixed. The downside however, is that most wheels which are steel made often have conventional designs.

2. Design

Speaking of which, designs are different between these two materials. Steel wheels for example, have simpler and more practical designs while alloys are more complicated. If you are going to clean and wash your car, it would be a little bit of a hassle for the latter to be cleaned.

Access is particularly important because you can’t clean your brakes well if your car’s wheels have complex design. Brake dust should be cleaned regularly and if you don’t want to get moving that much, you have to choose a design that is simpler and more practical. Read some reviews on the most popular travel high chairs and car set.

3. Challenges in Cleaning

Depending on the kind of material being used, it is recommended to clean wheels using different techniques. Because different materials necessitate different cleaning methods, it is important to know how each one is being cleaned, depending on the one you own.

For instance, in cleaning alloys, you should remember that there are various layers you need to take care of. Sponge and gently cleaning it is necessary, especially if you don’t want your wheels to be scratched while cleaning it. Since steel is practically designed, it is also easier to work with.  You can also visit Wayne car wash for impeccable work.

Choosing the right materials for your wheel doesn’t only help you in cleaning your car in general, but it will also effect the total performance of your vehicle. Thus, you need to be very critical in doing so.