A standard tune-up is a kind of proactive and preventative maintenance that focuses on problematic areas and fixes minimal issues so they won’t get worse. Mostly, vehicle tune-up includes a complete engine inspection to guarantee that there are no leaks and that it will feel and sound right once the car is functioning. Here at Tulsa Driving School, we focus on providing informative tips to our drivers out there and provide the best services we can so that our students and visitors will be knowledgeable about this matter to secure their safety while on the road. Below are some of the benefits your vehicle can get once they are tuned-up properly: 

Better mileage 

Tuning up your vehicle can resolve even the slightest issue that’s going on in your car, which you might never notice. These slight issues could be the reason why you pay more on gas. On the process of the tune-up, your brakes will be checked and your brake pads could possibly be changed. Once your vehicle has poor fuel mileage, it could be a sign that your tires are not aligned properly, causing them to increase friction on hinges counter to the road and rotate at a weird angle. Tire alignment and rotation could simply resolve this problem and help in minimizing the gas usage of your vehicle. 

Repair a rough ride 

It is a fact that while your car ages, it does not work as perfectly as it used to. Perhaps you have noticed that it is a bit shaky or it has a hard time getting started, particularly when it’s cold. An energy check and power check by your trusted mechanic could determine both these issues and diagnose what is causing the shaking and the reason your car is not holding power the way it’s supposed to be.  

Glowing dash lights 

Every warning lights on your vehicle is intended to tell you something. However, not all drivers are well-informed about the car diagnostics. Because of this, your trusted mechanic can help you to teach you what the warning lights indicate, how to effectively and quickly fix them, and why they are on. 

A complete checkup 

Tuning up your vehicle is just similar to people who go to their physicians to have a checkup for their bodies. It carefully checks functioning components, looks for issues, and enables them to be repaired. Similar to what your physician will prescribe after a checkup, your mechanic might recommend for you to have something fixed to enhance handling, and minimize the opportunity of having a breakdown while you’re driving. 


If you want more beginner’s tips about preventive maintenance for your vehicles, check out Drivers Ed Tulsa. They will be willing to provide you all the tips and hacks that you need to know as a driver so that you can ensure the safety of you, your vehicle, and your passengers. You can also visit our website if you want to be admitted to a private Driving School Tulsa class. Contact us now!