If you are working in a shop or a beauty salon, then you might encounter some customers who wanted to look very nice and beautiful by having the eyelash extension. They believe that it will add them the beauty that they want and they don’t need to use the mascara every single morning or when they have to go out. Others would study deeper about the things behind the lash extension course as they can’t afford to have the service from the salon because it is very expensive and scary. You need to add here the service fee that you need to pay and the time that you have to spend because it is going to be a bit time-consuming.  

There are some picky customers and clients that they would ask so many questions to the beautician in order to make their eyelash services to stay longer and be better. Some of them would want to know if there is any trick or secrets when it comes to keeping the good quality of the eyelashes and to avoid damaging it. You need to enlighten your clients about this matter and you need to tell them the truth behind it as you don’t want them to expect from the fake news. For the clients, they should know their limitation especially if they are just having the cheap type of service as it would not literally last for a longer life span 

Gathering some information is so hard especially that different people would have their own different opinion about something and the care methods that they have to preserve and maintain it. Of course, for an ordinary kind of service, then you need to be more and extra careful in order for the life span of it to get longer and useful. If you had this eyelash extension service in a very well-known shop then they would tell you everything that you need to know about the proper techniques in using them. You need to avail their service for free or to have something that you can use to be more useful and extend the life span of the product and services.  

It is like any other things that we have in our life like when you are sick and you visit your doctor, the professional doctor would give you the details. These are the things that you can do and here are the things that you should avoid in order for the medicine to be more effective and have the effect. When you buy an appliance to be used in your house, then you have to take care of this one and avoid doing harmful things in order to have warranties.  

It is nice to use the shampoo for the eyelashes as it is similar to the hair that we have but make sure to use the mild type of shampoo. They need to visit the salon every month as well to check the condition and give the right remedy in case of s